In the past my experience with lawyers has been less than helpful and just expensive. (I call it robbery) Carla has taken the time to listen to my concerns while explaining what she can do from a legal stand point. Carla has kept me informed of anything that could or will affect my case. She has also given me suggestions and options, helping me to make the decisions with her advise, not just telling me what to do. I have found working with BWC is very tedious. She has taken the things needing to be addressed, addressed them and kept me informed. In a long legal battle it is very helpful to have someone you feel does have your best interest. In my case Carla has shown that she does.
Joe Massey, Columbus Fire Department
If you want a lawyer that is very professional and hard working Carla Cannon is that lawyer.Carla knows her stuff when it comes to dealing with BWC I would still be lost in paperwork and not getting the treatment I need if it was not for her. I’m so blessed to have her on my side she has taken a big burden of me and my family’s shoulders. I think she is an exception to the rule when it comes to lawyers she actually takes the time to explain things and is not in it for the money. It’s not just a job for her she really cares about her clients. Thank you for all you have done.
Lance Emberling, Union County Coroner Investigator
Carla has made a very difficult situation as easy as possible. From being available by texts and calls, to being there to answer questions, no matter how many, or how frequently. She has been to every one of my hearings and made the process much less intimidating. Carla has gone out of her way to help guide me through this process as I feel she would for her own friends or family.
Paul M. photo
Paul M.